Benefit Of Merchant Services

Having the ability to accept credit cards at your business can dramatically improve your sales and allow your business to expand.  Most importantly you are providing your customers the easy payment experience they expect and want.  Being a cash only business can be be very annoying to a customer and they may even leave your business to go to a competitor that provides them the ease of doing business by accepting credit and debit cards.

New Technology

The payments industry has had enormous change over that last few years with the arrival of the mobile wallet.  Now more and more customers are wanting the experience of paying with their phones whether that be with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc.  It is all about convenience and the ability to checkout the customer faster.  EMV Chip technology is here to stay as the new security standard in the processing industry and make it your priority to comply with the regulations or be 100% liable for fraudulent charges.  Call now for your assessment – (503) 766-5400

Call Today

Whether you have a farmers market stand or a professional sports team we have solutions to fit your needs.  We  were founded to assist small business owners in finding the right merchant service plan for their specific business vertical at the most competitive price on the market. Portland Merchant Service Pros remains diligent in their goal to deconstruct and make transparent the process of acquiring merchant services for small business owners . Call us today and speak with our trained merchant service coaches for a specific plan of action for your business. Call today! (503) 766-5400

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank You for getting my merchant account approved the same day I applied, it has made a world of difference to my bottom line now that I am not using PayPal anymore. Thanks “

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